Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Supermodel CR 32

An old kit that I was able to get at a fairly good price - kits of the Fiat 32 and 42 are fairly rare in South Africa. Its been primed and needs to be painted. I just hope the decals are still good. This will be air support for my Italians.

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Strelets and SHQ UDF (South African WW2)



SHQ - helmet not quite right, but still lovely figures



Did these a while ago, and  satisfied with the way they came out. After painting they were  dipped with Army Painter Quickshade strongtone and they were left to dry for a couple of days. The Quickshae helps a lot to improve the general look of the figures - but then you have to hit them with matte varnish to take away the shine. This was the first time I had used the Quickshade and overall I was very happy with the outcome. I still have a medium mortar, vickers mg team and some gunners to do up, all from SHQ as the Strelets set does not include those. Also left to up is the Strelets Officer and mg teams, lewis guns not brens though. Which is fine for Early War. I also intend giving these lads a spin against the Japanese, in a fictional invasion of Madagascar by the Japanese.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Progress Sunday 21/08/2016

Marmon Heerington MkII (Attack Kits) - It went together fairly quickly, which is good as I am not an expert kit builder.

Zvesda 2 pounder AT gun - lovely little kit.
Apart from building the two kits above I was also able to prime my UDF platoon.

WW2 East Africa - Union Defence Force (South Africans)

These are on the table to be primed, using Citadel's Zandri Dust. Once primed the main uniform colour is done and then I just need to pick out some details like flesh, boots and weapons, give them a brown wash and they are done.

I know that the Strelets figures are not the most popular but they are affordable and make South Africans - the only other company to produce South Africans is SHQ and they are true 20mm figs, so slightly smaller than Strelets. The difference though is not so great that I intend losing any sleep over it. SHQ will be used for the at rifle and mortar, gun crews and some command figures.

Hopefully I am able to finish the platoon and support within the next week. I will be able to use these for CoC / IABSM / Battlegroup Tobruk.

Strelets UDF.
Strelets UDF and some SHQ for command, mortars and AT rifle.

WW2 East Africa - Italians

Two Italian tankettes - from Frontline.

S Models flamethrower tank, infantry gun from Mirliton and Italeri/Waterloo 1815 plastic mg.
Tank from Frontline, at rifle from Mirliton and mg from Caesar.

All of the above were painted a while ago. These still need some work but I am satisfied with the progress so far, there is also quite a bit of infantry completed - mostly plastics. To be used for CoC or IABSM and Battlegroup Tobruk.

Friday, 19 August 2016

My current projects

This is a list of my current war gaming projects -

Napoleonic - I have some 28mm metals from Alban and Foundry and also some 1/72 scale plastics. I have not worked at this project in about 3 years nor have I bought any new figures. Figures are based singly for the Too Fat Lardies masterpiece, Sharpe Practice. I currently have little enthusiasm for this one.

WW1 - Here I have a huge amount of unpainted 1/72 scale plastics including some aircraft and tanks. I am still buying new sets all the time. I intend using these for the Lardies Through the Mud and Blood. 

I am also doing WW1 in 6mm using the Great War Spearhead II rules - so far I have a division of early war Germans (Baccus) and the same quantity of Russians (Irregular and Heroics and Ros). Some eastern front buildings are also on the way from Leven Miniatures in the UK. I have to start actually painting the lead pile before I purchase my Serbians, Bulgarians and Austrian-Hungarians.

WW2 - mainly 1/72 plastics with some metals. Rules, Battlegroup Blitzkrieg and I aint been shot mum. My main interest is the east and north african campaigns although I have some forces for most theaters.

WW2 in 6mm - This is a recent move, caused in part by the declining value of the South African Rand. Buying 10 tanks in 6mm is just much cheaper than buying 10 tanks in 1/72 scale. Companies like Heroics and Ros also have a huge variety have some rarer vehicles. Some of these rarer vehicles are available in 1/72 but at a premium. Basic armies have been ordered from Heroics and I hope to have them by the middle of September 2016. Shipping from the UK to South Africa nowadays takes a minimum of one month, sometimes up to three. Sometimes the minis never arrive. For rules I am looking at Blitzkrieg Commander II and I aint been shot mum.

Lion Rampant - in 1/72 scale plastics - I have most of the minis but have not made a start yet. 

Warhammer 40K - I bought a starter set years ago but will probably try selling it.

Modern / Cold War era - I have quite a bit of 6mm and was recently able to buy a huge amount of second hand stuff locally, mostly well painted. Rules, Cold War Commander or Fistful of Tows III.

I also have some anticipated projects :

Saga - I would love to start a Saga collection but first want to reduce the amount of unbuilt and unpainted minis. I was contemplating doing this in 1/72 scale but might splurge for the beautifull minis from Gripping Beast.

Ancients -  not sure about a rule set or scale yet. I like chariots, so will probably do Egyptians vs Hittites, time will tell.

1/2400 Naval - maybe one day.

1/300 Aerial - sooner rather than later.

1st Post

This is a first for me as I have never blogged. This purpose of this blog will be to show any progress that I make in my quest to actually complete a wargaming project !